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Anne Robinson:

Wakeful (2018) Anne Robinson


Anne Robinson’s experimental practice is concerned with the perception and politics of time passing and she works with painting, film  sound and curating. She holds a practice-led PhD:The Elusive Digital Frame and the Elasticity of Time in Painting and currently teaches at Middlesex University. Recent works include a film installation: Wakeful (2018), screenings/installations include APT, Wakeful: If I Sleep I May Be Caught, Whitechapel Gallery, LV21, CCA Glasgow and and Maritime Museum, Estonia, including live score events, Booted, commission for ’Queer Times’ at GoMA, Common Birds (2017), shown at CGP London,  Inside Out Blues (2013), made in in Marseilles and Thrashing in the Static (2014), shown at CGP, Objectifs, Singapore, Deptford X and Folkestone. She was a member of See Red Women’s Workshop and co-authored a 2016 book about the collective. Curatorial projects include: Over Time (2014) and Supernormal festival (2012-16).

Recent shows and projects:

2020: March: Darks, screening at Five Years gallery, London. 

2020: Jan-Feb: Wakeful, CCA, Glasgow screening, Whitechapel Gallery screening.

2020: September: Come Hell or High Water,  online and Thames foreshore, curated by Anne Bean. Short film: Over Time Over Time. 2019: Wakeful, installed Feb-March at Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn.

2018: Booted, ‘Queer Times’, GoMA, Glasgow, to March 2019, Print now in museum collection.

2018-19: See Red Women’s Workshop,’Still I Rise’ Notts Contemporary, Nottingham and De la Warr Pavillion, Bexhill.

2017: Inspiral London – steering group: walks, projects, publications

2012-2016: Supernormal Arts Festival, Braziers Park

2014: Over Time: Art project on Thames Foreshore at Greenwich, Stephen Lawrence Gallery and National Maritime Museum

The Over Time Art Project

Baines, J. Mackie, S. Robinson, A. Stevenson, P. ; 2016; See Red: Feminist Posters 1974-90; Four Corners Books; London

Teaching: Senior Lecturer Fine Art (0.8) Middlesex University

Qualifications: PhD (practice-led) on temporality in art, Cass, 2012.

BA (Hons) Fine Art Film & Video, St  Martins School of Art, 1987

(full CV on artist’s website)

Collaborating Artists:

Writer and Co-curator: Frances Hatherley:

Cultural Sniping on the collaborative work of Jo Spence at Birkbeck, 2018, co-curated by Hatherley.

Frances Hatherley is a writer and cultural theorist who has contributed to the R&D for this current project through discussions with the lead artist, drawing on her doctoral and post doctoral research on working class women’s subjectivities and intersections of class and gender focusing on working class women’s bodies. As the work goes into production, she will collaborate with the lead artist as co-curator as well as writing for a small publication. Hatherley

Helen Spackman:

The House Opposite pt 2, Photo credit: Manuel Vason.

Helen Spackman is an innovative performance artist who has worked for many years as ‘Leibniz’ on works including ongoing projects The Book of Dust and The Book of Blood. Now based in Italy, she continues devising work from her practice in butoh, corporeal mime, expressionist dance and contemporary performance. She has a PhD in performance by prior output. She has already contributed to the R&D for this work in discussion with the lead artist and will be one of four main performers in the piece.

Shaheeda Sinckler, aka Nova Scotia:

Shaheeda Sinckler is a Scottish, multidisciplinary arts practitioner working across genres with music and  contemporary art drawing on grime and urban music. She experiments with solo and collaborative works to create tracks with an independent sound. Nova Scotia the Truth is a rap artist unafraid to challenge stereotypes and annihilate assumptions Work has featured on BBC Radio Scotland and R4, Mixmag and The Skinny. She also produces electronic music with debut record ‘Re-Up’ released in 2020. She is contributing to the current work ad performer and electronic music producer.

Lou Barnell:

All that is solid melts into air, Photo Credit: Hannah Lovell

Lou Barnell is a composer, sound and movement artist whose work is characterised by intense electronic textures and visceral vocals and has been described as ‘angular, mesmeric and explosive’. As a neurodivergent female artist, she is  inspired by dissonance and uses her body as a disorientated instrument and a navigational tool to compose and score, using shape-shifting re-useable materials. She is one of the main performers in ‘The Hurrier’ contributing movement and vocals.

Eva Windahl:  

Eva Windahl in a still from The Hurrier, work in progress, May, 2021

Eva Windahl is a is an inter-disciplinary performer and artist, who recently graduated from LMU and has a a background in dance/movement and film work as well as costume design.

Charlotte Squire:  

Armida’s Vexation, Dreaming Awake at Safehouse1.

Charlotte Squire is a contemporary artist working on constructed objects, often with discarded materials and working with the language of ‘ordinary’ objects. Her work is ‘informed by materiality and differences of class and culture’. She is director at Fluxmetal with considerable experience fabricating artists’ objects in a range of materials as well as having costume experience. For this film, she would be collaborating with the lead artist on the effective design and construction of  the ‘ambiguous objects’ described above as  key elements in the performances, contributing visually to the fluid temporality of the work

Ana Benloch

Ana Benlloch is a nonbinary artist, writer and curator based in London, UK, working mainly with audiovisual spoken word and performance including recent work Underground River. As well as their own work, they collaborates as part of AAS Art Group, a fluid collective creating holectic rituals. They also writes fiction, theory and art writing, and are in the art band Mount.

Michelle Deignan:

Michelle Deignan makes moving image, photographic and print works, which critically examine the production and dissemination of culture now and historically. With moving image she creates factual and fictional narratives that present alternative experiences of land, place and identity, including A Glimpse of Common Territory and in collaboration Breaking Ground. As an experienced cinematographer Michelle will collaborate with the lead artist on location and studio work.

Michelle Deignan

Tansy Spinks: 

Tansy Spinks is a contemporary artist working with sound art and photography and trained musician. Her work on collaborative sound performances with violin and engagement with deep listening will contribute to this work where she would be collaborating with the lead artist on composition and violin.

Karina Townsend: 

Karina Townsend is a musician and sound designer with longstanding expertise in music technology as well as sound recording experience on film and media works including. She collaborated on sound work for earlier projects with lead artists, including ‘Wakeful’. Drawing on her professional technical expertise, Karina would also be lead digital advisor  should contingency plans be necessary

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